L'actrice de film X a retrouvé son visage

Christy Mack avait été sauvagement battue en août dernier. [Instagram / Christymack]

Christy Mack, connue des amateurs pour ses prestations dans des films pornos, avait connu une notoriété soudaine en étant littéralement défigurée par son petit copain violent.


Les dents en mille morceaux, le nez broyé, les yeux pochés, le visage tuméfié. Lorsque Christy Mack avait été tabassée en août dernier par son petit ami au pseudo prophétique - "War Machine" (machine de guerre) - rares étaient ceux qui imaginaient qu'elle pourrait retrouver un jour son visage d'antan.

Mais à la surprise de tous, la jeune femme de 23 ans, apparue au casting de 89 films X depuis ses débuts dans le porno, vient de donner de ses nouvelles sur les réseaux sociaux, et manifestement, cela va beaucoup mieux.

Sur l'un de ses messages les plus récents, postés sur Instagram, Christy Mack pose en compagnie d'une loutre et semble avoir retrouvé un visage débarassé de toute séquelle. On est désormais loin des premières photos qu'elle avait publiées volontairement en septembre.



2 days, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and last night.  I've had several dentist visits to make eating more comfortable and make my smile look more normal. I still have a few more dental visits to go.  I've had my eyes checked out and made aware that I'm very lucky to have my vision where it is, since the muscle is tethered by the fragments from the blowout fracture in my left eye.  My multiple nose fractures will be fixed in the next couple of months. While they're fairly symmetrical, my nose is shifted on the inside and out causing breathing issues. (I also make everyone feel how my bone sticks out on the left side because it feels so weird.) My top lip will regain movement in less than 6 months... looking forward to using straws again.  My liver seems to be alright. I was admitted back to the hospital shortly after I was released the first time for some minor treatment, but I did not have to have surgery. While my face is starting to look decent again from the swelling going down, it is still not my own. Cutting what was left of my hair off, and losing 15 lbs(it's a lot when you're 5'1") made me feel even further away from myself. It's hard to look in the mirror every day and see someone you do not know. After having makeup done and dressing up for yesterday's charity event, I felt much better about how I look now. It made me feel more normal, and beautiful for the first time in a very long time. The event that I went to was for Face Forward. A non profit charity that funds surgeries for women and children that have been in horrible situations that require them to have reconstructive surgery. They are not funding me, my surgeries are being donated by other doctors. I met many wonderful people and look forward to working more with them in the future.

A photo posted by Christy Mack (@christymack) on

Sep 9, 2014 at 10:56am PDT


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